GLOBIZCLOUD is a Managed Cloud Service Provider that offers a complete range of Cloud Services and Cloud Powered IT Solutions.

Discover how we can deliver peace of mind for your Cloud Solutions.

GLOBIZCLOUD is the result of many years of experience in Hosting, IT, Cloud and Global Business.  We have gathered know-how over more than 10 years. We have an accumulated knowledge and experience of more than 100 years.

This knowledge is now offered through our Managed Services and All-in Packages.

During the time we worked for companies around the globe, we have seen firsthand what the needs of a modern company are. We have developed a series of services that cover the requirements of a modern and future-ready enterprise of any size.

By applying our experience and know-how, we are able to optimize these managed services.  As a result we reduce costs.  This makes that we can offer enterprise-grade solutions at affordable rates without having to reduce in quality and without having to give in on effectiveness.

We offer 24/7 monitoring and 24/7 technical support for all these services.  Our technical support team with certified engineers works around the clock every day of the year, even on holidays to make sure that you have peace of mind.

In all of our services we take security very serious.  You will see that we have included security in all of our All-in packages.  We strongly believe that a company can only function properly with serious security measures.  That is why security is the core of all our services offered.

Our offering does not stop with services on our cloud platform.  We offer our services for the Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.  Only this way you can profit from a solution that fits your company best.  Only this way you can have full peace of mind.  You can expect the same level of expertise on all platforms we support.

By partnering with Microsoft, Sophos and Acronis we are able to offer a complete range of Managed Cloud Services and IT services powered by the Cloud that cover the needs of any modern and future-ready company.

Why work with GLOBIZCLOUD?


We have more than 10 years of experience in IT and Hosting services.


We offer strong SLA with fast Response and Resolution time with all services.


We have a highly trained technical team with certified engineers.


We offer our service 24 hours a day every day of the week all year long without extra charge.


We offer affordable pricing, much lower than IT companies.


We offer services in multiple languages and can deliver our services around the world.

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The all-in packages we offer

Our all-in packages include everything what you need including unlimited engineer hours.
A completely managed service package at a fixed monthly cost.

All-in Cloud Productivity Package

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Our All-in Cloud Productivity Package includes Office 365 with Backup, Security and Full Management with unlimited engineer hours.

All-in Cloud Desktop Package

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Our All-in Cloud Desktop Package includes a Windows Cloud Desktop with Office 365, Monitoring, Backup, Security and Full Management with unlimited engineer hours.

All-in Cloud Server Package

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The Package includes the Cloud Server with Office 365, Monitoring, Backup, Security and Full Management with unlimited engineer hours.