Get your Cloud Desktop today.

Enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 Desktop in the Cloud.

You want to benefit from the advantages of a Cloud Server but you are not yet ready to go to a dedicated solution for whatever reason.  Or you may only need a Remote Desktop from time to time.  Or you would like to experience the benefits of a Cloud Desktop before you get a dedicated solution. Or you are simply a small company or freelancer and don't need a dedicated solution.

Whatever the reason is, we have created the All-in Cloud Desktop package so that people can enjoy the benefits of a desktop in the Cloud without the cost of a dedicated solution.

What is included in the All-in Cloud Desktop Package?

Office 365 for top productivity.

You want to enjoy the benefits of Office 365 too.  You want to increase your productivity with the tools that Office 365 offers.  With Office 365 you get the tools in the Cloud, on your Cloud Desktop and on any device that you like.  With Office 365 you enjoy the power of productivity everywhere on any device.

Endpoint protection for all your devices.

You want all your endpoints to be secure.  That is why you get Endpoint protection powered by Sophos for all your endpoints.  You will be protected against security threats such as Viruses, Trojans and Ransomware.  We will monitor your Security 24/7.

Backup for all your data

Even as a small company or freelancer you must keep your data safe.  We know that is not easy.  That is why we take the difficulty and the time it takes away and ensure that your backup is done.  We install a backup client and monitor your backup 24/7.  If we notice that your backup did not run properly, we take action.


The All-in Cloud Desktop package is the perfect solution to take full benefit of the Cloud without the need to pay money for a dedicated solution.  You get all the benefits without the price card.  The Cloud Desktop package is perfect for Freelancers, small companies or anyone that want to experience the benefits.