Get your All-in Cloud Server package today.

Discover peace of mind for your Cloud Server at a fixed cost per month.

Getting a cloud server is just not enough.  You need to think about monitoring, management, backups, security and productivity.

With our All-in Cloud Server package you get all of that with unlimited engineer hours. 

You will save hundreds per year compared to buying these services separated from us and you will save thousands per year compared to buying these services from another Providers.

What is included in the All-in Cloud Package?

Cloud Servers

We deliver one or more Cloud Servers within the package you choose.  Each Cloud Server comes with dedicated resources.  Each Cloud server has a complete virtualized kernel.

Managed Server Protection for your Cloud Server

Your Cloud Server gets full Server Protection powered by Sophos.  We manage the Server Protection for you day in day out so you don't have to worry about that.

Office 365 for your Cloud Server users

With Office 365 you harvest the power of productivity.  Your identities are synced between the Azure Active Directory and your local Active Directory.  With Office 365 in your All-in Cloud Server package you have a complete Office suite of apps on your Cloud Server and on every device you use.

Managed Firewall for your Cloud Server network

This package includes a firewall powered by Sophos to protect your Cloud Server from intruders.  The firewall has VPN capabilities so you can safely connect to your Cloud Server from any place at any time.  We manage your Firewall for you so you can have complete peace of mind.

Managed Endpoint Protection for your Cloud Server users

It is not enough just to protect the Cloud Server.  That is why we include the Endpoint Protection powered by Sophos for all your users.  This means that the devices of your users will be protected.  If any security issue arises on the Endpoint, we will detect it and fix it.

Synchronized Security between Network and Endpoints

Since your endpoints and network is protected by Sophos technology, we are able to offer Synchronized Security between them.  That means that information is exchanged between the Endpoints and Firewall.  This way your Cloud Server gets the best protection on the market.

Managed Backup for your Cloud Server

Your All-in Cloud Sever package includes local backup and cloud backup.  Your Cloud Server will be backed up daily in our datacenter.  Additionally we will back up your data to the secure backup Cloud of Acronis.  We will monitor and manage your backup to make sure that your backup will always be up to date.

24/7 Monitoring for your Cloud Server, Backup and Security

All of your Cloud Services and Users will be monitored.  We make sure that we detect issues as soon as they arise.  By monitoring them 24/7 we can detect issues early before they become a big problem.

Unlimited technical support for your Cloud Server

This All-in Cloud Server package comes with unlimited engineer hours.  This means that we take care of full management of your server without charging you extra per hour.  We take care of maintaining your server around clock, this includes monitoring and proactive server management.  We keep your server up and running so you have complete peace of mind.