Ensure your Productivity today

Get peace of mind for all your team members

You want your employees to productive.  That is why you must make sure they have the tools to do so.  

You must also make sure they can continue their work.  At the same time knowing that when something goes wrong, it is fixed quickly.

What is included in the All-in Productivity Package?

Office 365 for higher productivity

In order for your employees to be productive you must provide them with the tools.  That is what you do with Office 365.  With Office 365 your team members meet the power of productivity.  They can use the well-known Office Suite of Microsoft and Collaboration tools such as Teams and Skype.  Everything you need to let your employees work in the best conditions, from wherever they work.

Managed Endpoint protection for your user's devices

You don't want malware such as viruses, Trojans or Ransomware to slow down or block your users.  That is why our All-in Productivity package comes with full managed Endpoint Protection.  All endpoints of your users will be covered even their own devices they bring or use from home.  You can be rest assured that when those devices connect to your companies network that they won't bring security threats into the company.

Managed Backup for all your data

Keeping your data safe is another important point in Productivity.  That is why our All-in Productivity packages comes with Managed Backup for all your data.  We make sure that the backup client keeps running on all your endpoints.  We monitor your backup 24/7 and take care when an issue arises.


The All-in Productivity package is something that every company needs, whether they have 1 or 1000 or more employees.  It ensures that each member of the team has the tools to be productive. It ensures that each member is  protected against security threats and it makes sure that data is safely backed up. All this backed by a professional team 24/7 and with unlimited engineer hours.  The All-in Productivity package is a small price to pay for such benefits.