CB Pro is a cloud-based all-in-one solution for Coach and Bus companies.

CB Pro helps to grow your business, cut costs and increase efficiency.

CB Pro is a Software as a Service that lets you manage all parts of your Coach and Bus business. CB Pro makes your company more profitable. CB Pro has a simple design that feels very familiar. The different modules work together smoothly and make each other stronger. All in one with a user friendly interface, that is the power of CB Pro.

CB Pro is availabble at a low monthly fixed price without user-based pricing.

CB Pro offers many advantages

all in one

CB Pro has really all in one. Everything your company needs to run from A to Z.

modular software

CB Pro is build modular. All modules work together smoothly.

cost saving

Cost saving compared to other solutions and no hardware needed.

time saving

Compaired to working on paper, CB Pro will be a huge time saver.

cloud based

CB Pro runs in the cloud. The cloud offers many advantages,


The highest security measures are applied to ensure security of your data.

mobile friendly

CB Pro is mobile friendly. You can access it from your mobile devices.

technical support

CB pro offers active technical support and ongoing bug fixing.

CB Pro offers many features


Managing customers becomes very easy with CB Pro

Customers are the reason that you can do what you do, therefore it is important to keep a good insight on who your customers are. In the dashboard you see the most important details of your questions quickly. In combination with the customer portal you can give your clients access to CB Pro to view their offers, orders and invoices.

By adding the website module, you can get leads from the contact form in your leads in your CB Pro.

Creating new customers and contacts can be done easily by completing a form that keeps all basic data of your customer. Beside the basic information you can store additional information in CB Pro such as contacts, phone, email, notes, emails and many more.

Even the complete history of assignments, contracts, quotes are kept with your client records.
If the CB Pro Customer modules is not enough for your company, then you can use CB Pro with the CRM module.

Advantages of the customer module
- One time customer creation
- All important data in one place
- Several automations possible
- Efficient customer follow-up
- Overview of customer data
- Precious statistics per customer

Creating a quote has never been easier

With CB Pro you create professional quotes in minutes. Send quotes via email, print them in pdf or make them available via the customer portal. Customer can confirm and accept their quotes via the portal.

For creating a quote you need to enter the general information of the assignment, select a customer and complete the itinerary. After that you select the right products such as day price, km price and driver cost. The system will automatically calculate the kilometers and will apply the number of days and number of km where required.

Depending on your company's process you can set the driver and vehicle. You can also set an option for a specific quote to avoid double booking on that day.

You will never forget to follow-up on sent quotes. The system will show the status of each quote and in that way reminds you to check on them. This way you won't forget to plan confirmed quotes.
You can consult the quotes in different view: calendar, list and ghantt. This way you will see the status of quotes easily.
No matter a quote is confirmed or cancelled, everythings is kept safe in your personal database.This allows for generating valuable statistics and making smart decistions.

Advantages of this module:
- Make quotes faster
- Automatic processing of quotes
- Efficient follow-up of quotes
- Summary of potential business
- Valuable statistics

Manage your contracts with recurring assignments

The module contracts can easily schedule recurring tasks. All you need to do is create a weekly schedule, indicate the trip data and indicate the period and CB Pro does the rest. With a click of abutton, assignments for the whole period will be created according to the weekly schedule. You can of course still change the exceptions (eg a holiday) manually.

Using the list view or calendar view you can keep track of all your current contracts and you can see at a glance all the important information on the contracts.

Each of these contracts consists of several individual assignments. CB Pro automatically creates all the necessary trip prints for the driver. In retrospect CB Pro facilitates the billing of the contract as well by globallizing invoicing the way you want it (weekly, monthly ...).

Like all other modules in CB Pro all data is carefully stored on your personal cloud-based server. Your data in a safe place at your disposal. Knowledge is power after all.

The advantages of this module:
- plan contracts easy
- Overview of contracts
- Automatic creation of trip prints
- Automatic invoicing
- Valuable statistics

All assignments together nicely

A quote which is confirmed, turns into an assignment. Along with all the separate trips covered by a contract, these are listed in the assignments module. This allows you to view the assignments in an easy and structured way via a list, calendar or Gantt chart.

From the overview you can click any assignment to open and perform various actions. You can print trip prints, make an advance invoice, add notes, provide info to the driver and so on…

The advantages of this module:
- Check and edit assignments easily
- Keep clear overview of all assignments
- Automatic creation of trip sheets

Clear view of Planning

The planning module brings all assignments, options and possible occupations together in one single window. You can choose the view you want to work with: list view, calendar view or Gantt.

This module is your daily tool to keep an overview of the whole planning of the company, all with colors and their status. You can view the planning with vehicle or driver filtering or grouping. This makes it easy to view whether a vehicle and is driver is still available.

If you add the visual planning module, you can drag and drop assignments to assign a driver or vehicle. We can program rules to analyse the planning for errors. The visual planning planning makes it very easy to plan your assignments.

Bring your logbook into the 21st century and start today with CB Pro.

The advantages of this module:
- Plan assignments easily
- Overview of assignments
- Automatic creation of trip prints
- Graphic planning
- valuable statistics

Your driver reports via the trip report

When the job is finished and the trip completed, it must of course be processed. The trip report allows you to enter the details of the driver's trip report. This data can be used on the invoice.

Data such as empty km, loaded km and costs such as roadtax, parking, etc can be registered with this module, which makes that it is a vital part of the software.

If you choose in the future to use the the drivers app, this whole process can be automated and you only need to check the data entered by the driver and confirm. This gives you back time for you to be engaged with the important things in your business.

The advantages of this module:
- Register trip reports easily
- Quick and easy billing costs
- Possibility of automation
- Valuable statistics

Keep your workforce data up to date

Do you want a convenient way to follow all of your drivers and office staff? With the employees module, you can register all your employees in CB Pro.. Just as human capital is very important for your business, so is the employees module of CB Pro. Good drivers is simply crucial to build a strong company. CB Pro helps you to manage everything and run smoothly.

You can create a new employee in a fast way, with all of his or her data. This ranges from standard data to keep track of courses, certificates, driving licenses (with expiration date), etc. You can quickly and clearly see which drivers are due to periodic training, need new certificates, etc.

The advantages of this module:
- Manage your staff at a glance
- Store Internal memos per employee
- Track training and certificates
- Mange timely required training and renewal plans
- Valuable statistics per driver

Manage your vehicles properly

Adding and managing a vehicle in CB Pro is very easy with the user-friendly forms of CB Pro.

With this module you can add your entire fleet to your software with all necessary information about the vehicle. When you sell an old vehicle, you can set it non-active in CB Pro, that way you can allways compair old vehicles with new ones and this keeps alot of valuable information at your finger tips.

CB Pro allows you to track mileage, refueling register with the fuel module, maintenance and track cost and schedule maintenance Soon it will be possible to read data from your vehicle and store it automatically in CB Pro.

Advantages of the vehicles module:
- Manage your vehicles clearly
- Assign vehicles to a assignment
- All vehicle data in one place
- Refuelling, mileage and maintenance time register
- Valuable statistics per vehicle

Fuel consumption under control

The fuel consumption of your vehicles is a major factor in your cost. A small saving may therefore over the entire life of the vehicle provide a huge difference.

By closely monitoring the consumption of your vehicles and your drivers, you can intervene if necessary. This module also allows you to carefully record every fueling of a vehicle with driver to see the differences.

In the future, CB Pro will take it a step further and collect all this data automatically in conjunction with CAN data from the vehicle. This will allow driving style analysis per driver with its consumption.

Advantages of fuel module:
- Check your fueling
- Notice differences between drivers
- Detect difference in types of vehicles
- Reduce your fuel costs
- Valuable statistics

Professional invoices with CB Pro

Create and send professional invoices online with CB Pro. The billing module ensures that you have to spend less time preparing invoices. With a simple click of a button you create the invoice for an assignment, and add in all the costs incurred that were registered to the trip report.

Even at this stage, of course you have complete control over what you can and can not bill, which discounts you will give, what conditions, etc

This module will provide an overview of all outstanding invoices, unbilled rides, their status, … all data you want to know about your invoices at a glance. You can also set reminders and alerts that allow you to promptly follow up outstanding invoices and bring all your clients debts under control.

From the invoices module you have an easy way to send the invoice to your customer by email or print for transmission via post.

The advantages of this module:
- Quickly create professional invoices
- Storage of all invoices
- Automation of invoicing
- Follow up on outstanding invoices
- Save paper
- Valuable statistics

Easy monitoring of payments

The payments module allows to register an incoming payment with the corresponding client and invoice. This way you can process any outstanding invoices quickly and correctly. You will keep a clear overview at all times.

Registering payments with CB Pro makes it possible to build valuable statistics per customer. So you can detect defaulters faster and adjust your terms for that customer.

Payment status can also be automatically be set by importing a CODA file.

The advantages of this module:
- Register payments easily
- Overview of all payments
- Automation of accounting
- Follow up on outstanding invoices
- Valuable statistics

Clear state of your business with reports

Throughout the CB Pro software, data is collected and processed. This data can contain vastly valuable insights for your business. With the reporting module you can perfectly determine what you want and you can perform all analyzes with your wealth of information.

For example, you can check the profitability per vehicle or even per customer. You can compare your drivers themselves.

If you can imagine it, and the information is in the database, CB Pro can take it out in an organized combined report.

Benefits of the report module:
- Measuring is knowing
- Big data analysis on your collected data
- Check profitability of vehicles, drivers, customers, etc.
- Cost analyzes that allows to reduce costs
- Knowledge is power

Additional service with the customer portal

Want to offer an extra service to your customers? Consider the module customer portal. This module allows your customers to log on to CB Pro to view quotes, confirm and view orders, print invoices and communicate with your company.

Benefits of the customer portal:
- Less paper
- Communicating with customers
- Client can see quotes, orders and invoices online
- Service to the customer
- Enormous potential

Wages simplified with CB Pro

Wage processing takes a lot of administrative work. With the module Wages, CB Pro helps you to shorten this time.

CB Pro has a complete payroll processing functionality. Let CB Pro do all the hard work to generate the required summaries, official documents and payment orders.

With the push of a button, all documents can be sent to your employees.

Absences nicely monitored

Your drivers can not always be at work, even if you want them to. Therefore, CB Pro provides a module for the absence management. It can easily be recorded when a driver is absent on leave or with illness and his work can be transferred quickly and efficiently to another employee.

In combination with the driver portal your drivers can make requests themself. By using this module, the abscence of your drivers will be entered into planning correctly, which reduces the risk of making mistakes by booking an unavailable driver.

Advantages of the absence module:
- Plan absences quick and efficient
- Manage driver's requests

An attractive website

Is your website up for renewal? That is a service that CB Pro can provide.

We program your website and incorporate it in your CB Pro software. You can post new updates from the software on your website, simple adjustments can be done and you can add new photos.
We of course want as many customers as possible to surf your website, therefore we also optimize your website locally so that all potential customers in your area can find the way to your website.
In combination with the module BusOnline visitors can even allow your customer to make online bookings. Add to that the customer portal and then you are on track to be the place to be for anyone interested in a coach.
So you can bind customers and keep your customers constantly informed of what is going on in your business.

Benefits of the website module:
- Local SEO
- Get new customers
- Loyalty
- Easy to manage
- Enormous potential

Fast and simple bookkeeping

The accounting module CB Pro allows you enter your full accounting details within the CB Pro environment. This following all norms and standards.

By expanding CB Pro with the accounting module you will be able to achieve huge time savings because all invoices and payments are automatically recorded.

The same applies to credit notes, expenses incurred for maintenance, repairs, wages, ... in short, everything in CB Pro.

In addition, your statistics are still much richer because all financial data is included in the secure cloud environment, and thus even better analyzes can be done. For more information, take a look at the module 'report'

Advantages of accounting module:
- Increased automation
- Keep an overview of all financial data
- Time saving
- Valuable statistics

Customer Acquisition with the CRM module

Customers are one of the main reasons that your business continues to run. It is therefore very important to actively search for new clients and to bind the customers that you already have to your company.

The CRM module allows you to store all the important data from both your prospects and your existing customers. Which permits to build valuable statistics.

Also, you can record every customer contact, from an email, a phone call, a call etc.

The advantages of this module:
- Actively seek new clients
- Build a good relationship with your customer
- Keep track of all your contacts
- Valuable statistics

Perfect service with the helpdesk

Whether they are good or bad, every day you get a bunch of calls from customers who have questions, who want to react or who have remarks. With the helpdesk module you can manage all these requests easily and never forget to answer any of the customers.

You can easily monitor all comments, complaints and carefully track them.
A fast and reliable handling of these customer requests is what binds your customers.

The advantages of this module:
- Build a good relationship with your customer
- Monitor customer reactions
- Use reactions as testimonials
- Valuable statistics
- Build a FAQ page

Perform marketing campaigns at top level

If you have a good product, you have to show it! CB Pro can help…

The marketing module allows you to manage your marketing campaigns from within CB Pro.
Launch new campaigns with mass mailings and surveys.
Track and analyze your campaigns.
Everything you need together in an organized way.

By making active use of the marketing module will guarantee new customers.
Do not hesitate and choose to get going with this module, which will make your business grow.

Benefits of the marketing module:
- Seek new clients actively
- Plan your marketing actions
- Send mailings
- Analyze the impact of your marketing campaigns


multi company
Working with partner companies? CB Pro can be customized to your specific needs. It is possible to setup muliple companies and create automatic processes for the procession of data such as invoices.
Every company is unique. CB Pro can be customized to the way you manage your company. CB Pro Workflows can be modified to fit your company's processes. Steps can added or removed in any process.
Knowledge is power. CB Pro keeps your data safe. Fields can be added to any view and the database can be extended to meet the growth of your company and its expansion.
look and feel
You want to seperate yourself from the rest or you just want to change the look and feel? CB Pro allows to change all visual parts of the software.
custom modules
Aspects of your company missing in CB Pro? You can have them made! You can have CB Pro develop custom modules.
Do you use any other software and do you need to migrate data to CB Pro? We make sure that your data gets transferred safely and secure into CB Pro. CB Pro has an import/export function. When that function does not suffice, a custom migration script can be made.