Separate yourself from the crowd with our Managed Secure Hosting

We keep your Hosting secure and you keep your client's confidence.

Many companies try to save money by choosing a cheap hosting solution and that is where they go wrong.  In today's world, your website is the first thing people see.  Research shows that people research companies online first.  Now, imagine your website is hacked, running slow or down, what will a potential customer think?

Google has already ranked secure websites higher than others in their search results.  Google Chrome and other browsers now inform the visitor when their website is not secure.  What do you think visitors will do when your website is not secure?

Sure, IT companies downplay the risk of being hacked because they don't want to lose the yearly renewal of your website hosting.  It never happens to you until it does.  That is why you should not take your website hosting for granted.  Would you leave your car unlocked in the middle of the city?  Do you really want to take that risk?

What does Secure Hosting mean?

First of all, in order to understand the difference you must know what a classic shared hosting is.  In a classic shared hosting environment, one server is used for multiple hosting clients.  The hard disk space, CPU and Ram is shared between the different hosting accounts.  You can imagine what happens when one account on the server gets infected or one account runs high traffic.  You guessed it right, it reflects on your account…

It is not enough to install an SSL.  While and SSL gives secure browsing, it does not prevent hacking or malicious code from being deployed on your hosting account.

Now, why do we claim to offer secure hosting.  Well, for starters we use container technology to separate the hosting accounts on the server.  That means that even while multiple accounts are on the same server, the storage is separated.

Additionally, we use reserved resources for each hosting account.  That means that another hosting on the same server cannot influence your hosting account.

Moreover, we use the same security technology on our shared hosting servers as we offer on dedicated server solutions such as firewall, anti-malware scanning, anti-ransomware encryption, etc

As that was not enough, we monitor all activity on our hosting servers 24/7 365 days per year.  Any suspicious activity will be checked and that is how we can prevent it from becoming a problem.

Does that mean that the hosting is waterproof?  We wish it was. Software used on the hosting accounts such as CMS, Blogs or other apps come with vulnerabilities.  If you look at the vendors website of those apps you will find a history of issues and vulnerabilities found and fixed.

The good thing is that even in these cases we offer the solution.  Your secure hosting is completely managed.  That means that we intervene when vulnerabilities are detected.  Even when a never before vulnerability is found after it impacts your hosting, we take care of fixing the issue.

That includes taking care of your backup.  We backup your website locally every night and additionally we backup your data to the secure backup cloud of Acronis.  We apply our managed backup service to your hosting account.

As you can see, our Managed Secure Hosting offering is more than just a hosting account.  It comes with full management, monitoring and security.