Privacy policy

Personal Data: data such as name, email, phone, birthday and other information to identify the visitor.
General Data: general data related to visitor such as behavior, preferences, traffic, …

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

We offer a warning to the visitor that our Privacy Policy applies to their visit.  Every visitor explicitly agrees to accept this Privacy Policy and takes full responsibility for reading and understanding the rules and conditions.  The visitor can close the Privacy Policy warning. In that case the warning may not show again.  We reserve the right to change The Privacy Policy without prior warning. The visitor is fully responsible to read this Privacy Policy on a regular basis to be up to date with the latest version.  

Data Collection

We may collect Personal Data from time to time via web forms and other ways. This data will be kept strictly confidential and will never be provided to a third party other than required by law or required following our general or product specific terms and conditions.  By providing the Personal Data, the visitor authorizes us to use these details.

We collect General Data of every visitor. This data is used for monitoring, analytics, statistics, marketing and optimizing our services.  General Data may be provided to other parties and will never include Personal Data.

The Data we collect is our property.

Location of Data Storage

All data collected is stored in our database that is located in Germany and Singapore. We may add additional locations.  Our data is backed up to the Acronis Cloud located in Ireland and Singapore.  Transfer of data is encrypted at all times.

General Data that is collected by third parties on our website such as Google may be saved in other locations.  You can contact us in order to obtain a detailed list.

General Terms and Conditions

Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our services.  Visitors should carefully read and understand those terms and conditions as they may relate to their website visit.